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DH Home Solutions has you covered when you need to sell your home quickly in Arlington TX. Whether you need cash now, or just don’t want to deal with the long time it sometimes takes to get your house ready and sold through the real estate market, we are here to offer you a cash price offer on the same day you contact us. We buy houses in Arlington, TX to reduce your stress, and get you cash fast so you can move on with your life!

Is your home in a state of disrepair? Would it cost you a lot of time of money to fix your roof, restore your foundation, or replace the plumbing in order to get a good deal in a real estate negotiation? When inspections come around during the real estate negotiations, an issue you didn’t know can suddenly come to light, and it could push back your sale by months. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to wait to get all that done, and that’s when you can come to us, as we buy houses in Arlington, TX, as is, and we buy them for cash.

Dealing with us at DH Home Solutions is stress free, and we offer fair prices for homes as is. The process is quick and easy, you can call us, or leave us a message through our contact form, and as soon as the same day, we can come out to your home, have a look around, and then give you a cash offer on the spot. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to accept the offer right away. You can take your time. If you choose to sell your house to us, all you have to do is sign the paperwork and we’ll hand you the cash offer on the spot.

The Reality of Selling Traditionally

Of course, there is also the thought of all the fees and costs that come with selling your home through real estate listings. If you want to sell your home, well, you’re going to need inspectors, appraisers, and of course a real estate agent. With a real estate agent comes commission fees (5% – 7%), and the closing fees (1% – 3%). Then of course you have to deal with negotiations; after potential buyers do their inspections you have the issue of needing to do repairs. By coming to DH Home Solutions, where we buy houses in Arlington, TX, you can bypass all those fees and extra costs. Just call us and we will give you a fair cash offer on your home – with no need for appraisals, repairs, and site visits.

Have you ended up with a house you don’t need from a divorce, or inheritance? Do you need to move quickly across the country for a new job and can’t stay to go through all the necessary steps to put your home on real estate listings? Do you have debts that need to be paid, and need cash quickly? Come to DH Home Solutions. We buy houses in Arlington, TX quickly, and we pay cash so you can be on your way and unburden yourself from the stress of real estate.

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Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, Carrollton, Garland, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Lewisville, Irving in DFW

Call us or complete the quick contact form, and get a cash offer for your house in MINUTES.

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  • "Doug and his team did such a great job with the transaction. He was very understanding of the time I needed to move and gave me a fair deal. Don't be afraid to give him a call."
    Cary D
  • After 20 years in my house I was just done. 2020 has been horrible and the last thing I wanted to do was deal with yet another shady contractor to get my house in tip top “ready to sell” shape. So I decided to try the “as is” route. Doug stuck with me through lots of stalling on my part. When I finally told him what I needed to sell he said he thought he could get close and he absolutely did! We closed a month later at EXACTLY the sales price initially given by text message. I was pretty terrified the entire month just waiting for the “HOWEVER” moment and the chinking away at my proceeds. That never happened and Doug has gained a huge cheerleader in me."
    Jennifer F.
  • Selling my house was an awesome, no-hassle experience.  Doug was very professional and a pleasure to work with from start to finish.  I decided to sell my house on a Sunday morning, and by Sunday afternoon I had a contract in hand with a closing date set.  He kept me updated through the process and responded quickly to any questions or concerns I had.  I highly recommend DH Home Solutions to anyone needing to sell their house fast.
    Warren Cave
  • I contacted DH Home Solutions through their website and they responded quickly, while it took other companies days to respond. Doug was very kind and efficient with my questions and concerns. I was able to choose my closing date and they offered a very competitive price for my mother's home. I would highly recommend DH Home Solutions.
    Terry Blackwell
  • I recently put my house on the market and was hoping to sell it within a couple of months. To my delight, Doug Hentges of DH Home Solutions reached out to me on the same day. I was pinching myself and waiting for a hiccup to come along, but it never did. The deal was struck within that first week and the sale went through seamlessly. Doug made selling my home so easy!
    Teresa Brinkley
  • I would recommend anyone needing to sell their home fast and easy, to call DH Home Solutions. Doug made all the documents easy to understand and to fill out. He kept me notified on the progress of the sell and closing date. Overall I was very satisfied with DH Home Solutions.
    Kathy Jones
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